Return and warranty policy


  • Returns will only be accepted within a period of 15 working days from the date of sale (According to art. 102 to 105 of the Royal Consolidated Legislative Decree 1/ 2007 )


  • If the part is within the warranty period and conditions and is defective, we will offer you another identical one, and if we do not have stock, we will refund the amount of the same (see *annex1)



Desguaces Melli (CAT Sierra Verde SL) with CIF B06924435 and tax address at Ctra Sevilla – Lisboa (Cruce Valdelarco) 21291 Galaroza (Huelva) offers its customers the legally established guarantee for used spare parts (see exceptions in the **specific guarantees section) provided that the assembly The replacement is carried out in authorized workshops according to current law.

Our guarantee covers the replacement of the part or the refund of the amount thereof, that is, if the part is defective or its performance is not adequate with what is offered, we offer you another equal part, and if it is not available in stock, we will refund the full amount in the same payment method, within the normal terms from the date of purchase. (Look at annex 1)

The warranty does not include:

1) Expenses for stays in the workshop, travel, tow trucks, operating losses and other expenses derived from a possible stoppage of the vehicle.

2) Improper handling, inappropriate use, negligence, damage during assembly, faulty installation or maintenance or by non-professional personnel, overload, power surges and other external causes not attributable to the condition and quality of the product.

3) Damage caused by transportation, impacts or atmospheric phenomena, or any other cause of force majeure not attributable to the condition and quality of the product. In the event of damage caused by transport, you must notify us directly within a period of no more than 24 hours.

4) Normal wear and tear derived from the use of the vehicle, as well as the lack of maintenance or incorrect or inadequate maintenance in accordance with what is provided by the manufacturer or what may be considered common practice depending on the characteristics of the vehicle or its engine. .

5) Repairs or installations carried out once the non-conformity with the product has been expressed or those carried out when there is an original defect and without the aforementioned non-conformity having previously been expressed.

6) Assembly and disassembly labor.

7) Maintenance or adjustment operations, as well as periodic verifications.

8) Damage or paint flaws that are not serious and are the result of normal use, since these are used parts.

9) Pieces that have undergone part changes, deletions, broken seals or marks.

Parts and spare parts will lose their warranty if they have been tampered with.


1 Engines and Gearboxes.

The guarantee period will be agreed upon at the time of sale between buyer and seller and it will be this and not another period that will be limited for legal purposes. If no particular term is agreed, all our Engines and gearboxes have a 3-month warranty.

Exclusively the main part of the engine comprised of the cylinder head and block and its internal operating parts are guaranteed.

Exterior parts that are mounted on the engine are excluded, such as the injector body, injectors, heaters, spark plugs, belts, hoses, distributor and ignition coils, water pump, thermostat, flywheel, clutch, turbocharger, manifolds. intake and exhaust, different radiators, depressor, fan, different sensors and electrical installations.

For the correct processing of the warranty, it is mandatory that a change in the distribution kit, replacement of the water pump and thermostats be made, and that this change be accredited by an official invoice from an Authorized Workshop, otherwise the Warranty will be void.

All our motors are equipped with a thermal fuse that measures possible overheating due to improper use of it.
Breakage due to overheating or loss also voids the warranty.

Assembly and disassembly labor is absolutely excluded from the warranty in

2 Electrical Parts

The control units, electronic parts or electrical material DO NOT have a warranty. Since, due to the fragility of its components, only when mounted in a vehicle can they be damaged, in the event, for example, that the vehicle suffers a short circuit.

The control units can save the history of the vehicle from which it has been removed, so reusing it requires resetting (deleting stored data) and dumping data from the vehicle to be repaired.

An incorrect replacement can lead to the control unit being used becoming unusable, which is why they can only be mounted by Professionals.

*Appendix 1

It will be essential to present proof of purchase for the guarantee to be valid.

You must keep the original packaging of the piece

The shipping costs of the items are the responsibility of the customer. However, if the guarantee or return of conformity is applicable to the returned product, all expenses linked to this return will be reimbursed to the customer.

In case of replacement as a solution to the warranty, the customer will receive the part within a maximum of 48 hours from receipt of the defective part in our facilities.

If you make a payment for the replacement, it will be made within 10 days after receiving the product in our facilities, since an inspection and verification process must follow.

The customer accepts these conditions by publishing them on our website, by sending them via email and/or delivering them with the package of the merchandise sent or on the counter. If you do not agree with all or any of the specifications of this document, please return the material unopened and without removing any seal. Tampering with the seal will entail ACCEPTANCE of our Guarantees and Returns policy . For this purpose and as proof of conformity, after reading and approving it, the client accepts it .